About Scarab Projects

SCARAB “Moving 50 times our size”

The Scarab is a dung beetle. We align ourselves with this magical beetle in that we

  • move stuff around much larger than our size. We take the dung, churn and manage it into healthy fresh environments
  • we control big projects - be it in 1 or 20 locations
  • we delete your problems in your environment - we do away with the rubbish and unwelcome issues and rather create a happy environment which performs.

Company Profile

All suppliers to Scarab have been tried and tested. Our experience has developed our sources of manufacture into sound and solid relationships of trust and security. We only supply the highest of quality and value for money products. All items from Scarab come with a 5 year guarantee.

Project management
We understand how to run a project on time and on budget.  Space planning is used extensively through our Revit system to design product, create new work spaces or revamp existing premises where space has become a problem or a new look or update is required.

Who are we?
Scarab was founded some 15 years ago. We have a small staff compliment.  We are well trained and devoted to providing excellent and personal service to our clients. We operate in a simple and open manner where our clients are kept up to date at all times. Deliveries are managed and communication is of the highest priority within our team as well as with our clients.  Our relationships are kept healthy and transparent. Our attitude is a ‘win-win’ be it our manufacturers or our clients. We are based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.