Dear School Administrator / Teacher

Is it always difficult and frustrating to keep students attention in a classroom. Have you ever thought of a classroom which has a colorful environment?

Learners will feel more comfortable and they will be more observant.

We are suppliers of high quality school furniture, our furniture is modern and looks good.

All our furniture has a 5 year guarantee.

Scarab can assist you with a professional space layout plan in 3D to give you an idea how the layout will look like and if it will suite the space.

School Furniture

A study has been done by Guest Author – January 29, 2015

Can Classroom furniture Improve student engagement?

Flexibility, Collaboration and Making Learning Visible

Instead of filling classrooms with one-armed bandits, schools are increasingly populating their learning environments with flexible tables on castors, comfortable chairs and plentiful writing surfaces. Why?

Easily-moved tables allow for a variety of activities and encourage collaborative learning experiences.
Chairs that students can swivel and move help to improve comfort and attention.

Lots of erasable markers to write on whiteboards, specially-painted walls, and even windows, allow thinking to become more visible.

Educators have known for some time that when students are encouraged to show their work publicly in emotionally-safe environments, they move beyond a fear of failure and learn to iterate together in meaningful ways.

Given the right tools and mindset, they become adept at problem-solving together in successful approximations. Building upon one another’s thinking, they learn to cultivate a culture of collaboration and the skills they will need for success in the 21st century.

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